We will talk about how taking a marijuana infusion can help us , how to prepare it and the varieties of  medical marijuana  that you can use for it.

Currently, the use of homeopathic medicine and the use of medical marijuana are increasingly common to help treat chronic diseases or degenerative diseases in the face of impotence that many patients feel that they do not notice improvement when treated with modern medicine techniques that exist today in day.

Many doctors do not recommend this type of treatment, as for example happened to a customer of our store recently. After giving her a bottle of capsules that, in addition to extract from a wide variety of plants, contained extract of medical marijuana (rich in CBD). I recommended that you consult your doctor before using them. The doctor’s literal response: “-Don’t take that stuff that has drugs on it.” Thus, blunt.

This is where the misinformation factor comes into play, since it is more than proven that both the use of medical marijuana and the use of any infusion, be it infusion of marijuana or any other plant extract, can help alleviate many unwanted effects of various diseases.

Today we are going to delve into this last point: the infusion of marijuana and all its aspects, how to prepare it, how much cannabis to use, its effects and what we will achieve by using it. It is a perfect way to consume medical cannabis, (you know that marijuana is also called cannabis), without the need to introduce harmful smoke into our lungs.


Next I am going to teach you how to prepare a marijuana infusion . A method that can be used for both medicinal and recreational use, but in this case we are interested in the medicinal part, so let’s focus. This is a good step to get started in medical marijuana. Let us begin!


To do it we need few tools.

  1. We boil water in a saucepan. We can mix with a little whole milk, since the fat it contains will help the cannabinoids to adhere to it and they are released more easily. The ratio would be 3 parts of water to one of milk. But if we don’t like milk, it can be made only with water with a little butter.
  2. Meanwhile we grind the dry vegetable matter using a grinder to make it very fine. We can use all the parts of the plant, but to achieve an optimal effect better to use buds.
  3. Once we have brought the water or the mixture of water and milk to a boil, we will fill a glass. For the next step we recommend using a tisanera (filter for tea) as it will make the task much easier, being more comfortable and clean. We introduce the vegetable matter in the tisanera, we introduce it in the water ( without it being boiling so as not to degrade the cannabinoids, but if it is hot) and we let the infusion rest for about 10 or 15 minutes.
  4. When we see that the water or water with milk turns green-brown, our infusion will be ready. It will only be left to sweeten it, if we want, with stevia, sugar, or what I like the most, with honey.


Now in summer it doesn’t feel so hot anyway. There is no problem in letting it rest and putting the infusion in the fridge to drink it cooler , since low temperatures do not degrade cannabinoids. But it should not take many days to consume it either, since like other infusions, over time they lose properties.

We can add some aromatic herb to the mixture to give a more tasty touch, such as mint or vanilla.

As we have mentioned before, this method is valid for all types of cannabis infusions. Next I will explain what we must do to get a good infusion of medical marijuana .


Marijuana has more than 100 cannabinoids. What interests recreational cannabis users is to look for marijuana with a high content of the cannabinoid THC. This is the cannabinoid that produces that psychotropic effect so well known to many. In our case, we are more interested in the cannabinoid CBD or Cannabidiol. It is the most sought after in the use of medical marijuana for its properties and for its null psychotropic effect .


To make an infusion of medical marijuana, the only thing we must bear in mind is that the marijuana that we use to make the infusion must have a high content of CBD . Currently this is not a problem, since many brands of marijuana seeds that exist today in themarket, they have a section seed s CBD of marijuana feminized and seeds marijuana autoflowering CBD .

These varieties have high levels of CBD (remember that it is not psychoactive) and minimal levels, even zero, of THC, making them the perfect option to make our infusion of medical marijuana .


There is no exact dose of marijuana to make our marijuana infusion since depending on the characteristics of each person, such as weight, height or sex, we will have to use more or less; as well as depending on the ailment or problem to be treated, if it is more or less severe.

I always recommend starting with low doses, such as 0.5gr per person of dried bud, since you can prepare several infusions at the same time. From there, we will increase the amount of cannabis little by little, until we find the perfect balance. You can increase the amount of 0.25 in 0.25gr or 0.5 in 0.5gr.


We can use stems, leaves and remains (we will need more quantity) and we must bear in mind that the better quality the raw material has, the better effect and result we will obtain. So better to use bud.

To improve the effect we can take several cups a day. If you are a regular consumer of cannabis, you can take three cups a day at the dose you have adjusted. On the other hand, if you are a first-time consumer, we recommend starting with a cup at night.

We must bear in mind that the effect is not usually immediate. So I recommend that you do not despair and take it for several days in a row (15 days). Keep in mind that CBD, like any vitamin, must be taken for a while until it settles in the body and begins to take effect.

Always remember that we must always use medical marijuana rich in CBD .


As we have mentioned before, if we use a medicinal marijuana rich in CBD in our marijuana infusion, it will not have any psychoactive effect.

The main effects that we will notice are: a pleasant muscle relaxation, pain reduction and general well-being.

Several studies have shown that the cannabinoid CBD binds to receptors found in the central nervous system , helping to block pain very effectively. This makes medical marijuana a 100% natural pain reliever.


These infusions have many benefits for the human body and brain even if we do not have any ailment or problem.

Among its main benefits we must highlight:

  • Helps muscle relationship, reducing spasms and chronic pain (arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s tremors).
  • It helps reduce problems or disorders in the person’s mood, such as anxiety.
  • It also improves concentration by keeping us calmer, also promoting rest and sleep.
  • Helps to whet the appetite, perfect for eating disorder problems (anorexia).
  • Helps treat digestive problems such as cramps, constipation, heartburn, or anxiety from chemotherapy.

As you can see, the benefits of medical marijuana and marijuana infusion are multiple.

You must bear in mind that these infusions are used as a support and aid to medical treatment, and despite being effective, they never have to be substituted for said treatment.


Medical marijuana varieties differ mainly by the balance between CBD and THC (as well as by the aroma and flavor characteristic of each variety, such as sweet, citrus, incense, earthy, etc.). This balance is better known as the ratio.


-Ratio 0: 1 (highly recommended for medicinal use ) – variety with high CBD content and low or almost zero THC. Without any psychoactive effect. It is the most used in medical marijuana and the one we need for our infusions.

-Ratio 1: 0 (NOT recommended for medicinal use) – variety with high content of THC and low or almost no CBD. Highly psychoactive power.

-Ratio 1: 1 (recommended for medicinal use) – variety with the same percentage of THC as CBD. Very very smooth and relaxed psychoactive effect.

– Ratio 1: 2 (recommended for medicinal use) – variety with twice the CBD than THC. Perfect for consumers who like a little mild psychoactive touch but predominantly medicinal or sensitive consumers who like a strong punch.

– Ratio 2: 1 (recommended for medicinal use) – variety with twice the content of THC than CBD. Greater psychoactive but relaxing power.

As you can see the higher ratio of CBD, the better variety of cannabis for medicinal use, or failing that, we must seek a balance between CBD and THC. Today there are varieties up to a ratio of 1:25, as is the case with Dinamed from the Dinafem seed bank . On the contrary, the higher the THC ratio, the better it will be for recreational use.

If we add other plant extracts to our marijuana infusion in addition to cannabis, we can enhance the effects of this when treating a specific ailment or problem, focusing a little more on the point that really interests us. All these elements are easy to find in herbalists or stores specialized in dried flowers.


To achieve this goal, we will combine our infusion of medical marijuana with artichoke extract (diuretic and slimming effect), chamomile (helps to improve digestion), pomegranate extract (helps in burning fat), horsetail extract (effect diuretic and helps burn fat) or willow bark. In addition to combining it with some type of vitamins such as B1.


To achieve this goal, we will combine our medical marijuana with willow bark (powerful anti-inflammatory), acerola extract (improves circulation), horsetail extract (another powerful anti-inflammatory), cat’s claw extract (root with anti-inflammatory properties).


To achieve this goal, we will combine our medical marijuana with extract of lavender and passionflower (helps to reduce nervous tension and relax) willow bark (powerful anti-inflammatory), acerola extract (improves circulation), horsetail extract (another powerful anti-inflammatory), cat’s claw extract (root with anti-inflammatory properties).


To achieve this goal, we will combine our infusion of medical marijuana with extract of lavender and passionflower (helps to reduce nervous tension and relax), extract of valerian and extract of hops (relaxes brain receptors calming nervous activity).


To achieve this goal, we will combine our medical marijuana with willow bark (powerful anti-inflammatory), acerola extract (improves circulation), horsetail extract (another powerful anti-inflammatory), cat’s claw extract (root with anti-inflammatory properties).


If it becomes a world for us to have to acquire all these extracts in herbal shops, there is another simpler and easier way to consume them, through CBD capsules. And as I mentioned before, we can also combine it with a sublingual CBD oil .

I hope this post has helped you. Without more I say goodbye. And remember that plants have incredible healing power and if it is not marketed and advertised more, it is because there are large companies and pharmaceutical companies that are not interested, and not because they are not effective.