Currently, it is very fashionable to grow varieties with high levels of CBD, to consume products with CBD to even manufacture products ourselves with this component extracted from hemp and marijuana.

To get a little into the matter, we are going to give a brief and simple explanation of what CBD is without getting too scientific, and what are the benefits that it can bring us in our day to day. Let us begin!


The CBD (short for cannabidiol ) is one of nearly one hundred types of cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. CBD, along with THC and CBN, are three of the best-known cannabinoids today and the most widely used.

We attribute many medical benefits of cannabis to THC or other cannabinoids, when in fact they are due to CBD.

The CBD, unlike the THC (the cannabinoid best known), has no psychoactive or psychotropic effect, this means that its use is not “placed” Moreover, cannabidiol is a potent neuroprotective.

The hemp plant produces large amounts of this cannabinoid. In addition, it also has other industrial uses such as textile manufacturing, construction, oils for topical use, and oils or capsules with nutritional benefits.

The CBD is currently competing in popularity with THC. But Cannabidiol is being recognized thanks to the benefits it brings to health, adding that this cannabinoid does not have psychotropic effects or legality problems and cannot cause an overdose.


The best-known properties of this cannabinoid and that are mostly proven (we say mostly because studies related to the matter are still being carried out today) are:

  • Very strong anti-inflammatory: reduce tissue inflammation. It also helps not to produce the chemical that causes these inflammations, thus acting as a preventive.
  • Antioxidants: protects cells against oxidative stress.
  • Muscle relaxant: relaxes the muscles to avoid spasms or pain in them.
  • Analgesics: calm or eliminate general pain.
  • Antiemetics (reduce vomiting or nausea, and may help reduce these symptoms in people treated with chemotherapy)
  • Anxiolytics: helps reduce stress and anxiety, promoting rest and sleep.
  • Anticombulsifying effects (which are currently the subject of research by various scientific communities). Helps reduce seizure threshold
  • Numerous studies confirm that Cannabidiol works by reducing the negative effects of THC, reducing the symptoms of memory disorders and paranoia without altering the levels of THC in the blood.


About 4 or 5 years ago it was very difficult to find marijuana strains with good levels of CBD. The maximum that we could find in a plant were levels of 1% or 1.5% maximum, unlike THC, which could go from 10% to 20%.

Currently, we can find a variety of cannabis with higher CBD levels, ranging between 8% and 15% with THC percentages ranging between 5% or 6%. We can even find varieties with a percentage of CBD and THC at 50% (1: 1). All this is achieved thanks to a recessive gene in the plant.

Thanks to the knowledge of the properties of CBD and its great demand by consumers, many cannabis seed banks have worked to obtain specific varieties for medicinal use, that is, with high levels of CBD.

Some of the varieties that stand out for their rich content in this special cannabinoid are:

  • Shark Shock CBD by Dinafem.
  • Critical + CBD by Dianfem.
  • CBD Critical Cure from Barney’s Farm.
  • CBD Jam Delicious Seeds.
  • And Griega CBD from Medical Seeds.
  • CBD Amnesia from CBD Seeds.
  • One to One from CBD Seeds.
  • Royal Medic from Royal Queen Seeds.


At present, and due to market demand, many companies have emerged that are dedicated to the commercialization of CBD in various formats, with very different functions for the human body.

One of the first things that I want to point out is that Cannabidiol does not have an immediate effect on the body (unlike THC), so we must consume it for several days (like extracts from any other plant) so that settles in the body and we begin to notice its effects.

There are several ways to consume CBD. All these products for their sale to be legal in Europe, cannot have psychoactive effects, so they cannot contain THC. There are some that have such a low concentration that they do not reach illegality (we are talking about THC concentrations below 0.2%).

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One of the most common ways to consume it is through CBD capsules , which can have up to 10mg per capsule.

These capsules combine the effect of Cannabidiol in the body with extracts from other plants, which depending on the problem we want to treat we must choose one or the other capsules (normally all are made with pure plant extracts, so they are 100% biological ).

They are used as a food supplement for our daily life, so we should not replace them with meals nor do they cure diseases, but they can help to carry them better.

Many of these capsules, in addition to this component of cannabis and plant extract, can also contain vitamins, which will help our body to function more finely and the rest of the extracts are assimilated much better.

Depending on the problem we want to help treat, these capsules can help us:

  • Sleep and rest better (combining with extract of lavender, lemon balm, valerian, hops or passionflower).
  • Reduce anxiety problems (combining with extract of lavender, lemon balm, valerian, hops or passionflower)
  • Improve our concentration (combining with American ginseng extract, ginko biloba or lemon balm).
  • Improve digestion (combining with extract of chamomile, rosemary, milk thistle or artichoke).
  • Relieve muscle aches (combining with extract of cat’s claw, acerola, willow bark or horsetail).

One of the most complete CBD capsules are those from Natureight, whose extracts are obtained by extraction with supercritical CO2 (slowly at low temperature). They also have a wide range of different formulas combined with various vitamins.


There are also many brands that market CBD oils. It is a different way of consuming it. Most of these oils are usually consumed sublingually (a few drops under the tongue). The dosage will depend on the CBD concentration of the oil and the person, be it a minor, man, woman or adult.

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Depending on the problem we want to help treat, these oils can have different concentrations of this precious component of cannabis. The higher its concentration the greater its effect, but it will also be more expensive, everything is proportional.

Like the capsules, they help to treat the same symptoms, with the disadvantage that the oil usually only contains Cannabidiol extract, without extracts from other plants, but the effect of this extract is just as effective as that of the capsules.

Other options is to vaporize this cannabinoid is through electronic cigarettes and E-Liquids with CBD.

One of the brands on the market that gives us the most confidence in the production of CBD oils is Cannamor.


For people who may be a little apprehensive about ingesting it, (we remember that these products do not have psychoactive effects and are harmful to health) we also have the option of creams and balms with Cannabidiol or with hemp extract.

These types of products are only for cutaneous use (on the skin), so they will be useful to help treat chafing, irritation, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis, reducing skin inflammation, eliminating itching and making redness disappear. Another property of these creams and balms is that they act as anti-inflammatory, so they will help us reduce swelling and pain in trauma or minor blows. They also decrease muscle tension (if you break your leg, go to the doctor, CBD is not miraculous).

None of these products should be applied to mucous cavities (inside the nose or mouth) or to the eyes.

They are very easy to apply. These products can be used by any type of person from our little ones to adults.

Other interesting notes:

Finally clarify that all CBD products are beneficial to health, even so, before consuming any of these products we must make sure that we are not allergic to any of its components, and if we are in doubt, we should always resort to our trusted doctor.